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Ok, so I have promised Janelle that I would write a blog. She has finally chained me to my desk in an effort to get me to put some of thoughts down in writing. As the lead designer at The Workroom and JK Design, I’m fortunate enough to see so many different approaches to design projects. It has made me think about my own design insight and what I bring to the table.

For me, great design takes the rules into account but breaks them when it is necessary. I think stellar interior design happens when there is a fine balance between the first impression of a project and the energy the project resonates when it is completed. Stay with me on this…


In my years of experience as a florist, merchandiser, furniture buyer, and interior designer, I have found that the success of a project is determined by the energy the project radiates to me and to my client. I believe it was Nate Berkus that said, “Everywhere your eye travels in your home, it should land on something that resonates with you.” I wholeheartedly agree with him. I like to control where the eye lands, through masterful composition. For example, the drapery fabric may be the first thing I want you to take notice of in a room, then I’m going to draw your eye to the furniture by catching your attention with something unexpected on the sofa. I will then ground your experience by my selection on the floor, and supporting the vision with accessories throughout the room.

The most important thing in the room is that each piece elicits a response from my client. The comment I hear most frequently is, “people just gravitate to that room. They can’t help it.” This is where the balance of that first impression and the energy transfer from the room happens. This unspoken desire to live in the space I’ve created is the measure of success I strive for. I feel this happens with careful selection of building materials, furnishings, window treatments, pillows, bedding, etc. All of these things I am more than happy to help our Workroom Clients navigate artfully.

Come see me.


Staff Pick- Caldrea Rosewater Driftwood anything. I drank the Caldrea Kool-Aid and I can’t get enough. Hand Soap, Laundry Detergent, Hand Lotion, Room Spray. Frequently my Labrador retrievers smell like it. I can’t help it if they run through the room spray as I’m using it.


Shop girl. (VW)Bus driver. Bag lady. Slinger of Wichita flag swag. Lover of 80's music(Janelle's favorite) Over-user of exclamation points.

These are just some of the titles I have either been given or have bestowed upon myself since starting at the Workroom almost 2 yrs ago. All very resume worthy I must say!

But you can just call me Erica. Mom to four kick-ass human beings. Hugger. Life long, proud Wichitan. Tortoise owner. F-bomb dropper. Appreciator of sarcasm. Hoarder of useless info.

 Photo Cred: Me

Photo Cred: Me

I'm kicking off what we hope is a way for all of you to get to know us here at the Workroom just a little bit better. We aren't promising much (keep those expectations low, it's better that way) but we do hope it gives you a glimpse into what makes this place one of the busiest, craziest, most wonderful places to work!! 

We also plan on sharing with you staff picks! It's basically what we are currently crushing on here at the store. My current crush is Sandcastle Jewelry! I wear her earrings no less then 2-3 times a week! I get so many compliments on them too! Jillian's style is so fresh, funky and feminine! She just dropped off some new necklaces that I'm drooling over. I'm pretty sure one those pretty thangs is gonna be my Christmas present to myself! #treatyoself

 Instagram: @sandcastlejewelry

Instagram: @sandcastlejewelry




Well I'm outta here! Thanks for reading if you've made it this far! I really hope you enjoy us sharing with you! 

Peace out,


P.S. If you didn't read the blog title as Mrs. Doubtfire we can't be friends. 


Wichita's Best

Being a member of the team at The Workroom here for a little over a month now, I have been blown away by the caliber of the people, Wichita natives and beyond, who have come into our storefront who I've had the pleasure to meet. People of all sorts of ages, personality types and backgrounds from all around Wichita are walking into our store, and for me to be able to be on the receiving end is pretty darn cool.

Within the span of the first two weeks, I had encountered people ranging from the new superintendent of Wichita Public Schools, Dr. Alicia Johnson, to the man who is the voice actor for multiple children's cartoons (he's from Wichita but travels coast to coast for his work). Some of the shows he's been a part of include Sesame Street and the Muppets -- HOW COOL IS THAT.

I've also had the pleasure of meeting quite a few members of the artist community here, including many of those artists who attend our artisan markets as well as the artists whose work we sell on consignment in our shop. To me, it's kind of like meeting a little celebrity, because I come into work each day immersed in and surrounded by their beautiful work, so to finally actually be able to meet them in person and put a face to their name -- it is incredible!! (It's been quite a feat holding myself back from getting their autographs, in all honestly.)

So all in all, I've finally had the firsthand experience of something that I'd only heard about when growing up here in this city: Wichita, in all it's pride and tradition and culture and atmosphere, is perpetuated only because of the very wonderful people who live here, in all their caliber and wonder, Wichita's best.



Design Lingo and Learning the Ropes

Happy Friday from the newest shopgirl!

It has been an exciting start to my summer thus far at The Workroom. So far, my duties have consisted of helping with the retail side of things in keeping the storefront in tip-top shape (those t-shirts aren't going to organize themselves!) as well as trying my hand in assisting Janelle with the design side of things.

Wednesday morning I had to use my very limited knowledge of design (the terminology learned in my very-beginner Apparel and Textiles classes at KSU) to talk through a work order with a designer, communicating all the while with our seamstress, Aidee. Let's just say I'm grateful for the patience shown to me as well as the lightheartedness displayed in learning!

Above all, in these past couple weeks I've discovered there is an endless amount of things to experience and learn here, from how to successfully run a small business to knowing what the scalloped cutting of drapery fabric means (I totally thought it had something to do with potatoes). I am excited to see what the rest of the summer brings, and will be sure to keep the updates coming!


New Summer Hire :


Hello there! My name is Kaylor Nordhus, I am the new face that will be seen wandering around The Workroom this summer! I am a Wichita native and Bishop Carroll grad, and just completed my freshman year at Kansas State University. Apparel and Textiles is the major I am in currently, dabbling between Marketing and Design. I have an interest in fibers, textiles, fabrics and small business. I first encountered Janelle and The Workroom as an early high school student, as I would tag along with my mom to the storefront quite often. Also, Janelle is credited with the interior design within our house, so I grew up inside a pretty design-savvy home! (A big props to her for working with my parents in this--our house had 7 of us kids running around constantly, pulling apart things and placing hand prints on everything) Ultimately, my familiarity of Wichita paired with my keen interest in The Workroom and design really pushed me to send in an application for potential summer work. I am incredibly excited to be in and around the storefront this summer--come in and see us, I'd love to meet you!

What my duties consist of this summer will range from helping with retail and customer relationships, shadowing Janelle with her design clients and blogging about my experiences--right here, every week! Some new ideas may be coming down the pipe, too, so stay tuned. This summer will come with it its own share of experiences and learning, I can't wait to see what's in store!

Makers Gonna Make

So many amazing things happening in the ICT maker community! Here's some highlights of both former and current Workroom artists that are on the move, shining bright, kicking ass and taking names. 

From Victory Road

The latest Somerset Apprentice features Workroom artist, Kayann Ausherman, in the "From the Pros" section! 


Our former ShopGirl and market babe, was featured as ICT Girl Boss in VIP Wichita Magazine and soon to be opening her own brick + mortar downtown Wichita.

Mika Holtzinger Art

Andover artist featured throughout The Workroom,  awarded the Andover Public Library entrance mural "Imagine Gateway". 


Sarah Zepick Pottery

In house artist and market maker extraordinaire, Sarah Zepick featured in the KANSAS! Magazine.

J. Andrew

Occasional pop up shops are not enough for this driven man. Javan Andrew has committed to J. Andrew full time for Spring 2017. Excited to see what's to come as he endeavors on this next big step.

Nectar Republic

Formerly known as Milk & Honey, Lisa Williams has gone from market based to storefront owner.  Her Clifton Square shop carries farmhouse decor, vintage pretties and floral accents plus all the smell goodies you already know and love.

The Workroom

Okay just a little shameless plug...                 We are turning 4! April 15 kicks off the 2017 Artisan Market Series and we hope you join and celebrate our birthday with us!

Feather B

Stepping out of her norm, textile artist Heather Byers created a collaborative paint project bringing us 100 FACES// Final Friday to be exhibited at TISSU Sewing Studio March 31.

Dallas Market Trends & Finds

Back from another busy weekend at Market! I've become more and more efficient with each Market trip and therefor take a little less time just wandering and browsing as before, but enough to feel I have a pretty good handle on the latest trends in design! So what's hot?!

Color trend seemed to be the ol' staple, BLACK & WHITE with mixed metals and a pop of color used sparingly in accents. 

CARAMEL and GREY have long been making appearances and mixed in with all the metals they seem to blend in seamlessly. Copper, nickel, bronze and gold gold gold! Let it sparkle or tone it down with organic woods and wovens.  

And then that POP! Last years pinks, purples and blues are still evident, but hot to the scene is GREEN.

Color of the year, GREENERY is out in force through live and artificial botanicals, botanical prints on fabrics and wallcoverings, and just as a fresh pop of color on accents. 

Secondary to the green is BLUSH. From muted terra-cotta to softest pink, from mauve to copper. The blush hue is a favorite counterpart. 

And so what's next? The SPRING SCENE will be an explosion of color and/or texture. Think 70's. Boho. Pompoms. Macrame. Hide Rugs. Live edge wood. Vintage kilim not just on the floors but pillows, bags, and more! 

Photo Jan 20, 5 10 17 PM.jpg




For a lot of people, buying art as a gift can feel like a bold move. There are so many things to consider when buying art for friends and family, like for starters: do they like art? Do they own art? Do they want more art? What if they hate the art you pick? What if they become those people who only hang the art up when you're over, but then hide it away the rest of the time? What if they were on the fence about breaking up with you and your gift really put them over the edge? What if they make you move out of your shared apartment and you have nowhere else to go? What if you find a new apartment and you happen to be walking by your old apartment and you see your artwork hanging on the wall, proving that it wasn't the artwork after all, it was just you! Etc.

You can start to see how buying art as a gift can be a slippery slope. But it doesn't have to be. Buying art as a gift is the coolest way to say: I know you. Or, I'm more artistic and hip than you and I've chosen this piece of art for you to hang in your apartment so that every time you invite me over I can say, "cool art, huh?"  by Society6
Society6 is a lot more witty than I, and I think they nailed it. So go buy art. Even better...  LOCAL ART. And it doesn't even have to be a piece for the wall, but something hand crafted by one of our incredibly talented local artisans. Still stumped? We've made it simple. Below you will find some ideas and pre-packaged gift totes to make you the hero. ~XO

3 Years And Counting: Our 2nd Saturday Artisan Market

“I have the benefit of loving what I do! I love the people. And I especially love getting to support local creatives by creating an outlet to get their work into your hands, and benefiting the local community with our ICT line of product.”

For the third year running, The Workroom hosts an outdoor artisan market every 2nd Saturday, April - October, in our neighboring lot at 150 N Cleveland, where we showcase the best collection and variety of rich local talent. Each month artists show up and sell, while we provide the promotion, traffic, and great venue! We want to give local artists the opportunity to come together and the community the opportunity to see the brilliance of our local creatives with food trucks here to keep us fed and great local live music throughout the summer!

In April 2014, with The Workroom turning one, I thought what better way to celebrate our anniversary than to showcase our local Wichita talent in an open-air artisan market?! After all, we were already rapidly becoming a leading destination for local and regionally made goods in our storefront and had been cultivating relationships with local artists since the shop opened! We knew their handcrafted work needed a platform to show off their skills, and the desire to grow their small businesses was there. And what a blast!

Shortly after the anniversary event I was looking for a new location and a priority was outdoor space because I knew what had happened was beautiful and currently lacking in the Wichita downtown scene. After moving to our current location in that summer of 2014, in my love of the local arts and desire to support the local art community, The Workroom continued the party each 2nd Saturday during our summer season (from April to October). And now look at what it’s become! In our THIRD year and biggest turn out yet we are full steam ahead, booking an increasing number of bands, food trucks and artisan booths! Just to compare, our first season we were averaging about 5-10 artists... and at the beginning of this summer we opened the season with 50 artists, 18 food trucks and 7 bands! PLUS: Did I mention we have the trolleys running every 2nd Saturday, making a special stop at our artisan market as they make their way up and down Douglas Ave!?! Wooo-hooo!

The support from our community is overwhelming! I am floored by the surge of Wichita pride that has been brewing for the last few years. And I can’t help but be proud and thankful that The Workroom and myself have been a big part of that. I have seen Wichita grow and expand in ways I never could have imagined!

We've become a launching pad for new and budding artists such as Kaitlyn Wall, Sarah Zepick, Delilah Reed, Soil Stone Co, Jo O'Hanlon, Sarah Olmstead, The liv+work Pop Up Shop, 86 Cold Press, Little Lion Ice Cream, and many more; as well as a platform for the already well known locals such as Daniel Gegen, Mika Holtzinger and others.

Our amazing community partnerships with the Douglas Design District and Local Legacy have allowed us to step it up a notch as we continue to grow! Thank you to these awesome local organizations!

I am personally invested in my store, and in this market. I am personally invested in this town. I am personally invested in YOU.

I will continue spreading the love for Wichita in hopes of igniting others the same way to be the change here. I have had the opportunity to see wonderful things happen and meet some of the most inspiring people along the way. I want to thank each and every one of you for supporting what we do! For supporting your community! For going out to eat at your local food truck, buying from your local artists and small businesses! #LOVEICT

I can't wait to see you all at the upcoming 2nd Saturday Artisan Markets August 13th, September 10th (10am-2pm) and our season blowout October 8th (10-5pm) where we'll celebrate our finale shutting done the block with many artisans, food trucks and 6 bands!


Busy, busy bees over here!

So many exciting things happened, happening, and still more we are dreaming and scheming! It's been a bit since I've shared with you and thought I'd give you a run down on all the things going on with us here both in The Workroom and out in the community.

First up, THANK YOU to everyone who celebrated our 3 year birthday with us. And what a party!

Our 3 year anniversary served as the launch for several new businesses we are so excited to support including Little Lion Ice Cream, Hot-2-Trot, 86 Cold Press, and the Drink Local Truck. As well as, was the kickoff to several other things including:

  FOOD TRUCKS • LOCAL ARTISANS • LIVE MUSIC   District Marketplace is an outdoor public venue founded to promote community, arts, food and foraging to enhance the quality of life in the Wichita area... And it's just outside our front door!      


District Marketplace
is an outdoor public venue founded to promote community, arts, food and foraging to enhance the quality of life in the Wichita area... And it's just outside our front door!



 THE ARTISAN MARKET SEASON IS UPON US!  We host the  Douglas Design District  Artisan Market series every 2nd Saturday 10am - 2pm through October, with live music, food trucks, and the best local shopping around!


We host the Douglas Design District Artisan Market series every 2nd Saturday 10am - 2pm through October, with live music, food trucks, and the best local shopping around!

 LIV+WORK POPUP SHOP AT DISTRICT MARKETPLACE  ShopGirl Liv has opened up her own Pop Up Shop just outside our front door! Beautiful handcrafted home and self wares. Open every Thur - Frid 11-4, Sa 10-5. 


ShopGirl Liv has opened up her own Pop Up Shop just outside our front door! Beautiful handcrafted home and self wares. Open every Thur - Frid 11-4, Sa 10-5. 

And as if that wasn't enough, you may have noticed how much we #LOVEICT and are doing our part to make a difference in our community! (psst- read along to see how you can too!)


Avenue Art Days is a Douglas Design District initiative to revitalize our unique and beautiful district with local artists and volunteers painting light poles to full murals. Sunday, May 1, join us at the East High front lawn for a community Pathway to Peace chalk walk to see the new artwork, visit with the businesses in the District, and meet other individuals and organizations that are just as passionate about creating change in Wichita as you! Food trucks, live music, face painting, and art, art, ART!

#ILoveWichita T-shirt Design Contest!

Because we LOVE Wichita this was a no-brainer partnership with the Young Professionals of Wichita and Local Legacy! On Final Friday, June 24 the final designs will all be on display at The Workroom and the winner announced! This will also launch the kickoff of the tshirt sales sold exclusively at The Workroom, in which 50% of profits go to the winning artist and 50% to Tallgrass Film Festival. Win! Win! What's not to love?!

Enter for the chance to win a customized Wichita flag bike!

Intrust Bank and The Workroom have teamed up because we just love our hometown and our favorite annual party, Riverfest! To say Thanks, Intrust Bank is giving away a custom-designed Wichita flag bike, and you guessed it... WE DESIGNED IT! Enter to win here by June 12, 2016 and in the meantime follow along with Intrust to get sneak peeks of the design progress and when and where it will be out on display! (**HINT rumor has it, the bicycle will be joining Kitten, our VW Flag Swag bus, and The Workroom team in the Wichita Riverfest parade!!!)

And the list goes on, and on, and on...

but enough about us! If you want to stay in the loop as we continue to announce all the cool happenings we've been scheming follow us on all the usual or better yet sign up for our e-newsletter! See you soon ~xo