While typically this pertains to a physical space — particularly in our line of work, we are extending this meaning to embrace our inner workings, our business model, and our image. We've grown a lot in our short history, and it's time to reboot and implement change based on the things we've learned along the way! Hope you join us along this journey...


Day 1: REST!
Day 2: Clean up all the loose ends from emails to busy work and everything else that we had become too busy for...
DAY 3: Deep clean. Literally. Where does all this dust come from?!
DAY 4: As the cleaning continues, time to clean up the books as well. Oh accounting, how I abhor you. 


An overhaul on budgeting, both our time and money. A website (hello 1995!) with a blog for these wordy posts. New store hours allowing for more time spent on our core business and more community involvement, which are where our passions lie. 

I love Wichita and the things happening here. I want my business model to reflect and support this underlying theme. I cannot wait to share with you, over the days to come, all the exciting things happening here!
— Janelle King #LOVEICT