Remodel continued ...


Oh wait... Sick Kiddo. Plans aborted. Sigh.

Being a small (yet not so small?!) business owner and single mom is rough, yo. Being a mom period is rough. Sure some women have a gift for it and seemingly never-ending patience and even joy (!?!) at rocking the babies for that extra hour as they fight sleep, or playing barbies (but only their way of course), or listening to them perform the song from Frozen one. more. time. Some children are certainly easier to manage and groom too. But I still believe that no matter the combination, it's rough work.

So CHEERS today to all the mommas out there, and an applaud for the working ones, an ovation for the single working ones that have the strength and wherewithall to brave the world of business ownership and know that it's ok sometimes to take the work home; and let the guilt go that you cannot be the PTO mom, and certainly not even in the same sandbox as the Pinterest worthy one's. I love my babies and am doing the best I can and meanwhile I am setting the best example I know how that women can run a business. And a family. We can each Be The Change in our town's and be involved in way too many things because we are passionate about our city and are visionaries for the future and know that ultimately we are paving the way for them. 


So today i will let go the pressure and stress and guilt about getting everything right. Today I will breath and snuggle my girl. Today I will take the books home, work when I can, and know that there's always tomorrow. 


Turns out closing the doors did not afford us the endless amounts of time and rest as hoped, but progress is under way! The store is nearly clean. The books are well delved into. The website and blog (HELLO!) is live. Coming soon is announcement of new hours, a shift in focus, a new floor set to showcase all our pretties, and dare I say it already... a Kickstarter campaign on the horizon!

Stay tuned. Follow along. Share. Support. And give the next person you see a high five. ~xo