The nuts & bolts of it

Week Two

By now you have heard we are closed for remodel, and possibly even seen the paper over the windows, but now it's time to start peeling the paper back and bring you in on the inner workings happening here!

A number of factors went into the need for a reboot (time, personnel, money... just to name a few!), but the desired outcome has become increasingly clear.

I have seen my business grow and expand in ways I never could have anticipated! I tend to make my business decisions on gut and follow my passions. Fortunately this has served me well. In my love of the local arts and desire to support the local art community, and the need to spread the love for Wichita in hopes of igniting in others the same drive to be the change here, I have had the opportunity to see wonderful things happen and meet some of the most inspiring people along the way. However, ultimately, while the feel good aspects of my business are certainly my favorite parts, they just don't pay the bills and quite honestly I'm running myself a little thin.

The roots of my business started in interior design which then branched into a sewing workroom, specializing in custom home textiles... drapery, bedding, pillows, and more. The design side continues to be the Sugar Momma around here with the sewing workroom not far behind. The retail, on the other hand, well it would be nice of this child to at least pay for itself! From Final Fridays, to the 2nd Saturday Artisan Markets, to social media, the retail is where we put nearly all our marketing and energy. This business model just won't allow us to survive. So here's what we are going to do... 

The five hour work day. Store hours will now be M-F 8:00am - 1:00pm, Saturday 10:00am - 5:00pm. WHAT?!? you ask. It's true. While cutting hours may seem counterintuitive to a growing business, I've done the research and my gut (the pre-mentioned, primary navigational tool) tells me it's the right thing to do. We are not abandoning you my lovers of local-made candles, or the Wichita flag newbies, or those just wanting to feel home decor inspired; we love you too! But this will allow me to continue to be the face of this business and get to meet each of you and yet have time to also work on my design projects, schedule appointments, hold MORE WORKSHOPS, and MORE POP UP SHOPS! You will also start to note the store and our marketing efforts will start to shift to the designer showroom I had opened it as while maintaining a local-made focus. 

Oh and one more thing... this will allow for MORE COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT. My employees will be encouraged to head out as soon as they have finished their work for the day, as early as 1pm, and get involved. Volunteer. Participate in local events and movements. Go to the historical museum. Try a new restaurant. Take the time to fall in love with this city again every day. 

We need to re-focus both time & money to what ultimately generates the income to keep us around!
— Janelle King