Shop Small

Holidays are officially upon us! For those of us in the retail business often times the excitement is replaced with long hours and the anxiety that these two months can make or break the business. It's no different for us here at The Workroom, sure it's exhausting and stressful, but I have the benefit of loving what I do! I (oddly) love retail. I love the people. And I especially love getting to support local creatives by creating an outlet to get their work into your hands, and benefiting the local community with our ICT line of product.

I can't compete with the box stores and the door busters. I am not even going to try. Because I know I provide something they do not. I am personally invested in my store. I get to thank each individual by name for being here and supporting what we do. I can provide a unique array of product found on no one else shelves and to top that it's even crafted here locally! I may not even shower the store with discounts and deals that day, because isn't the point to support the local shops to keep them here and thriving?! I may be able to offer nothing more than a sincere smile, a warm cup of coffee, and the best local shopping experience I can muster. And I just hope that's enough.

Thank you, American Express for campaigning for us little guys! I promise to #ShopSmall this year. Will you?

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