Open for Business

The furniture is rearranged, the art is placed, the shop is spotless and we are re-open for business!

Although we are very much the same Workroom as before, carrying local and regionally made goods, walking into this place just feels different now. In all those long hours of work the past couple weeks, there was a shift. A shift from retail to showroom. It's crazy how a few changes can make such a big impact. We constantly keep asking ourselves where did all this space come from?! There is so much room for activities!

The new showroom welcomes you into a space you wish was at your home! The good news is... everything here CAN be in your home! Walking around after the remodel, you rediscover pieces that you once overlooked or pieces that have a new life... like using a rug for artwork on your wall! GASP!

The new showroom isn't the only change. As previously mentioned here, we are adopting the 5-hour work day! This may seem crazy to some, and I was one of those people today as I'm rolling out of bed to come to work at 8 am instead of the good ol' 9:30. But these new hours of operation will give all of us here at the workroom a more concentrated time to get work done. No long bathroom breaks... or wandering around aimlessly on Facebook for 20 minutes! No, those days are over. We are here to power through our work so we can enjoy the rest of our day out and about in this wonderful community we live in! Can't make it in before 1? Don't worry! We are available by appointment and here until 5:00pm for you on Saturday!