The Holiday Haze

Wow. Thank you, ICT.

After a rough couple months in which we had to make some very tough decisions and changes to survive, you truly showed up. In droves! This December has been our highest sales month to date for the retail business and by far exceeded our hopes.

We see you. We see your support and love for us and Wichita!

It's been quite the blur... long holiday hours and so many new faces each with it's own story to share. Incredibly blessed to get such wonderful PR from The Wichita Eagle and NPR (see links below!). I can not express how gratifying it is to see my passion and interests shared at such a great level and the love for ICT spreading. Like a wildfire. :)

Say, say, say
Ain’t it been some kind of day
You and me been catching on like a wildfire
— John Mayer lyrics