Vegas Wrap Up

This little piggy went to market...

Amped up on coffee and walking shoes on, we were ready for Las Vegas home market! 2 days of powering through floors and floors of home furnishing showrooms we got a glimpse at what's hot for 2016 and here to share with you the trends. But what am I rambling on about... let's let the pictures do the telling for us! 

Jewel Tones

Pantone's colors of the year are everywhere but not necessarily partnered with other pastel hues as one might expect...

Acrylic & Gold

Gold has been hot on the scene for a few years now, but loving the partnership this year with acrylic for a modern twist.

Natural Elements

Hide rugs have long been a staple in home decor, now we are adding fur pillows and ottomans, snakeskin chairs, raw wood and everywhere beautiful stone in all sorts of applications from the strictly decorative to the functional.

Figurative Art


Geometric Lines

A few Workroom Take Aways

Welll maybe not the Great Dane. But I wanted to. ~xo

Now I need room for all the new goodies!!! Stay tuned for mass furniture markdowns coming soon :)