For a lot of people, buying art as a gift can feel like a bold move. There are so many things to consider when buying art for friends and family, like for starters: do they like art? Do they own art? Do they want more art? What if they hate the art you pick? What if they become those people who only hang the art up when you're over, but then hide it away the rest of the time? What if they were on the fence about breaking up with you and your gift really put them over the edge? What if they make you move out of your shared apartment and you have nowhere else to go? What if you find a new apartment and you happen to be walking by your old apartment and you see your artwork hanging on the wall, proving that it wasn't the artwork after all, it was just you! Etc.

You can start to see how buying art as a gift can be a slippery slope. But it doesn't have to be. Buying art as a gift is the coolest way to say: I know you. Or, I'm more artistic and hip than you and I've chosen this piece of art for you to hang in your apartment so that every time you invite me over I can say, "cool art, huh?"  by Society6
Society6 is a lot more witty than I, and I think they nailed it. So go buy art. Even better...  LOCAL ART. And it doesn't even have to be a piece for the wall, but something hand crafted by one of our incredibly talented local artisans. Still stumped? We've made it simple. Below you will find some ideas and pre-packaged gift totes to make you the hero. ~XO