3 Years And Counting: Our 2nd Saturday Artisan Market

“I have the benefit of loving what I do! I love the people. And I especially love getting to support local creatives by creating an outlet to get their work into your hands, and benefiting the local community with our ICT line of product.”

For the third year running, The Workroom hosts an outdoor artisan market every 2nd Saturday, April - October, in our neighboring lot at 150 N Cleveland, where we showcase the best collection and variety of rich local talent. Each month artists show up and sell, while we provide the promotion, traffic, and great venue! We want to give local artists the opportunity to come together and the community the opportunity to see the brilliance of our local creatives with food trucks here to keep us fed and great local live music throughout the summer!

In April 2014, with The Workroom turning one, I thought what better way to celebrate our anniversary than to showcase our local Wichita talent in an open-air artisan market?! After all, we were already rapidly becoming a leading destination for local and regionally made goods in our storefront and had been cultivating relationships with local artists since the shop opened! We knew their handcrafted work needed a platform to show off their skills, and the desire to grow their small businesses was there. And what a blast!

Shortly after the anniversary event I was looking for a new location and a priority was outdoor space because I knew what had happened was beautiful and currently lacking in the Wichita downtown scene. After moving to our current location in that summer of 2014, in my love of the local arts and desire to support the local art community, The Workroom continued the party each 2nd Saturday during our summer season (from April to October). And now look at what it’s become! In our THIRD year and biggest turn out yet we are full steam ahead, booking an increasing number of bands, food trucks and artisan booths! Just to compare, our first season we were averaging about 5-10 artists... and at the beginning of this summer we opened the season with 50 artists, 18 food trucks and 7 bands! PLUS: Did I mention we have the trolleys running every 2nd Saturday, making a special stop at our artisan market as they make their way up and down Douglas Ave!?! Wooo-hooo!

The support from our community is overwhelming! I am floored by the surge of Wichita pride that has been brewing for the last few years. And I can’t help but be proud and thankful that The Workroom and myself have been a big part of that. I have seen Wichita grow and expand in ways I never could have imagined!

We've become a launching pad for new and budding artists such as Kaitlyn Wall, Sarah Zepick, Delilah Reed, Soil Stone Co, Jo O'Hanlon, Sarah Olmstead, The liv+work Pop Up Shop, 86 Cold Press, Little Lion Ice Cream, and many more; as well as a platform for the already well known locals such as Daniel Gegen, Mika Holtzinger and others.

Our amazing community partnerships with the Douglas Design District and Local Legacy have allowed us to step it up a notch as we continue to grow! Thank you to these awesome local organizations!

I am personally invested in my store, and in this market. I am personally invested in this town. I am personally invested in YOU.

I will continue spreading the love for Wichita in hopes of igniting others the same way to be the change here. I have had the opportunity to see wonderful things happen and meet some of the most inspiring people along the way. I want to thank each and every one of you for supporting what we do! For supporting your community! For going out to eat at your local food truck, buying from your local artists and small businesses! #LOVEICT

I can't wait to see you all at the upcoming 2nd Saturday Artisan Markets August 13th, September 10th (10am-2pm) and our season blowout October 8th (10-5pm) where we'll celebrate our finale shutting done the block with many artisans, food trucks and 6 bands!