New Summer Hire :


Hello there! My name is Kaylor Nordhus, I am the new face that will be seen wandering around The Workroom this summer! I am a Wichita native and Bishop Carroll grad, and just completed my freshman year at Kansas State University. Apparel and Textiles is the major I am in currently, dabbling between Marketing and Design. I have an interest in fibers, textiles, fabrics and small business. I first encountered Janelle and The Workroom as an early high school student, as I would tag along with my mom to the storefront quite often. Also, Janelle is credited with the interior design within our house, so I grew up inside a pretty design-savvy home! (A big props to her for working with my parents in this--our house had 7 of us kids running around constantly, pulling apart things and placing hand prints on everything) Ultimately, my familiarity of Wichita paired with my keen interest in The Workroom and design really pushed me to send in an application for potential summer work. I am incredibly excited to be in and around the storefront this summer--come in and see us, I'd love to meet you!

What my duties consist of this summer will range from helping with retail and customer relationships, shadowing Janelle with her design clients and blogging about my experiences--right here, every week! Some new ideas may be coming down the pipe, too, so stay tuned. This summer will come with it its own share of experiences and learning, I can't wait to see what's in store!