Design Lingo and Learning the Ropes

Happy Friday from the newest shopgirl!

It has been an exciting start to my summer thus far at The Workroom. So far, my duties have consisted of helping with the retail side of things in keeping the storefront in tip-top shape (those t-shirts aren't going to organize themselves!) as well as trying my hand in assisting Janelle with the design side of things.

Wednesday morning I had to use my very limited knowledge of design (the terminology learned in my very-beginner Apparel and Textiles classes at KSU) to talk through a work order with a designer, communicating all the while with our seamstress, Aidee. Let's just say I'm grateful for the patience shown to me as well as the lightheartedness displayed in learning!

Above all, in these past couple weeks I've discovered there is an endless amount of things to experience and learn here, from how to successfully run a small business to knowing what the scalloped cutting of drapery fabric means (I totally thought it had something to do with potatoes). I am excited to see what the rest of the summer brings, and will be sure to keep the updates coming!