Thoughts from Ted

Ok, so I have promised Janelle that I would write a blog. She has finally chained me to my desk in an effort to get me to put some of thoughts down in writing. As the lead designer at The Workroom and JK Design, I’m fortunate enough to see so many different approaches to design projects. It has made me think about my own design insight and what I bring to the table.

For me, great design takes the rules into account but breaks them when it is necessary. I think stellar interior design happens when there is a fine balance between the first impression of a project and the energy the project resonates when it is completed. Stay with me on this…


In my years of experience as a florist, merchandiser, furniture buyer, and interior designer, I have found that the success of a project is determined by the energy the project radiates to me and to my client. I believe it was Nate Berkus that said, “Everywhere your eye travels in your home, it should land on something that resonates with you.” I wholeheartedly agree with him. I like to control where the eye lands, through masterful composition. For example, the drapery fabric may be the first thing I want you to take notice of in a room, then I’m going to draw your eye to the furniture by catching your attention with something unexpected on the sofa. I will then ground your experience by my selection on the floor, and supporting the vision with accessories throughout the room.

The most important thing in the room is that each piece elicits a response from my client. The comment I hear most frequently is, “people just gravitate to that room. They can’t help it.” This is where the balance of that first impression and the energy transfer from the room happens. This unspoken desire to live in the space I’ve created is the measure of success I strive for. I feel this happens with careful selection of building materials, furnishings, window treatments, pillows, bedding, etc. All of these things I am more than happy to help our Workroom Clients navigate artfully.

Come see me.


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