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BYOB Saturday Night Mixed Media with Mika

The days of 'everyone paint a sunflower' are over. I'm making these classes like I do other classes I teach in colleges or art centers. These paint and sip classes can dumb painting down and I'm not going to be part of yea...this is more me...


This is the time of year to reflect on the goodness in our lives and to be grateful for the things we love. I have created a class inspired by the connection we have for certain objects, the important keepsakes we display on the mantel or hide away in a hope-chest. We'll create a colorful and creative piece of art dedicated to an object that you adore.

Let me break it down....

1. I ask that each person bring an object from their life that's of great importance to them. This object could be an old pair of shoes, a figurine, a keepsake, it doesn't matter what you bring, as long as it's an object that you value greatly. (If you don't bring something from home, don't worry, I'll have different objects for you to choose from).

2. In the course of the evening, You'll be making four separate paintings, yes, I said FOUR paintings and by the end of the night you'll have combined them into one piece of art! How will this happen? I'll lead you through a variety of painting 'adventures' to turn on your imagination, show you basic painting techniques, and introduce you to using mixed-media!. Mixed-media painting is when an artist combines different types of materials (paint, ink, paper) in their work. Being a mixed media artist myself, I think it's time to introduce this process in my classes!

There is no way to predict how a piece of art will look in the end, and that is half the fun! The rest of the fun happens during the process of making it! Lets play, learn and create some awesome art! It's going to be a one-of-a-kind-night!

Welcome to bring food or drinks for yourself or to share!
$45 reservations only. Follow link to reserve your seat today!