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Gavin Rondeau | Final Friday at The Workroom

  • The Workroom 150 N. Cleveland Wichita, KS 67214 (map)

Featured Artist: Gavin Rondeau of Three Acorns

"I craft handmade wood ware, also known as treen, from locally-sourced wood. I hand-carve spoons, spatulas, ladles, chopsticks and more. I also turn bowls from green wood, using a foot-powered lathe I built myself. The bowls are then allowed to dry before finishing which usually results in some warping. I don not make any effort to prevent this warping. Only in very recent history have turners worked dry wood resulting in perfectly round bowls and I enjoy the dynamic swoop of the bowl's rims.

I make these ware with hand tools, many of which I made myself. The final surface is straight from the tool, whether it be straight knife, hook knife or lathe hook. Axe marks are sometimes still visible. No sandpaper is involved for a few reasons. One, the surface will not get fuzzy after washing because the fibers are cut, not torn by abrasives. Two, leaving tool marks creates a surface that I find honest and aesthetically pleasing. And three, I hate sanding.

The painted spoons are painted freehand by my wife, Callie Cale, using acrylic paint.

I finish all my work with a food-safe blend of mineral oil, beeswax and carnauba wax."

Join us 6-9pm for art, a glass of wine and live music by Craig Owens and Dale Black.