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To provide a unique, retail destination that ignites, inspires, and promotes the best in our city.

Creating an Art Centered Culture

Our Mission

In a traditional definition of diversity, The Workroom welcomes and embraces all members of the community and offers an extensive and varied amount of free public events. The goal is striving to make art attainable regardless of social status and exhibit art regardless of prestige. Whether walking through The Workroom or attending an artisan market, one single experience can allow anyone to see the full range of artistic talent in our community, from curated gallery work to the hobbyist and unrefined. 

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Enthuastic Team

Hello!! The Workroom is a community of people that share the vision and values of Wichita. Our smiling faces are happy to work hard and have the passion and drive to support for the arts. Many of our staff are artists themselves and understand the importance to embrace all art types within our community.


Inspired Retail

The Workroom carries a selection of home furnishing and accessories, ranging from custom-made furniture to fine art. Featuring products made by Wichita area artisans, unique finds, and the ever popular Wichita FlagSwag. Featuring over 100+ local artists in our retail store, we support the local arts community by giving significant opportunity for exposure and sales.


All Around Art

In addition to all the art we feature and sell in our store and projects we participate in locally, we also take pride is supporting art around the community. Currently, we have four fantastic murals featured on our building located at Cleveland Corner, be sure to stop by and check them out.


Interior Design

The Workroom is a one stop shop for all your home decor needs. Providing the Wichita and surrounding communities with interior design and custom sewing services for window treatments, bedding, pillows and much more. From where you live to work, Janelle King brings over 12 years of experience, working on small surfaces or larger projects from architectural layout to custom furnishings and decor.

Advocate for the Arts

Janelle King, owner of The Workroom leads meaningful collaborations and social movements finding ways to bring the community together as a whole and uniting people through the arts. Because of her love for Wichita, she continues to work toward a more vibrant, dynamic community and encourages each and every one of you to roll up your sleeves and join in.

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