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The Workroom

The Workroom is a one stop shop for all your home decor needs. Providing the Wichita community with custom sewing services for window treatments, bedding, pillows and more. The Workroom also carries a selection of home furnishings and accessories, ranging from custom-made furniture to fine art. The retail shop features products made by Wichita area artists and artisans, unique vintage finds and accessories you won't find anywhere else, and custom Workroom Original products. Our goal is to offer unmatched service and quality, in an environment that offers inspiration and education.

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Best described as woman who inspires and celebrates the Wichita community in so many ways; from being an art advocate, community activist, interior designer, entrepreneur and owner of multiple businesses including The Workroom.


Janelle is always finding ways to give back, planning the largest Birthday Party in Wichita history to celebrate the city in an 8-story parking garage to launching The Garage, a Retail Incubator concept that offers a one-of-a-kind experience for entrepreneurs to develop and grow new retail ideas in a low risk, supportive space that fosters learning, growth and mentorship.


See more about the entrepreneur behind the ideas and what keeps her so busy.

About Janelle King


Representing over 100+ artists, The Workroom welcomes and embraces all members of the community and offers an extensive and varied amount of free public events. The goal is striving to make art attainable regardless of social status and exhibit art regardless of prestige. Whether walking through The Workroom or attending an artisan market, one single experience can allow anyone to see the full range of artistic talent in our community, from curated gallery work to the hobbyist and unrefined. 

The Workroom hosts many events in Wichita, Kansas including Final Fridays, 2nd Saturdays, Workshops and Artisan Markets. Check out upcoming events.


Best Local Shopping


The Workroom was a pioneer to relaunching the Wichita Flag as a reason to fall back in love with our city. They proudly carry the largest selection of Wichita Flagswag to show off pride. You can catch various retail products in-store, online or popup shops. Visit the locals only online store of available Flagswag products.

History of the Wichita Flag

The Wichita flag was officially accepted on Flag Day, June 14, 1937. The Winning design was created by local artist Cecil McAlister, who won a grand total of $40 for his first place design. The flag is made up of 3 distinct components: The "blue sun" is slightly off center and is a symbol of happiness & contentment. The design over the "blue sun" is a Native American symbol for "hogan" or permanent home, while the alternating red and white rays represent the path of freedom to come and go as one pleases. There were only 6 original flags made by a west-side seamstress, named Mary J. Harper. In her day, she was often referred to as "Wichita's Betsy Ross;" It took her an entire day to piece together the complicated design.

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