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Here at The Workroom supporting local art has always been a pivotal part of who we are. From in store consignment, pop up shops and feature shows, to our 2nd Saturday Artisan Markets, we strive to provide a multitude of platforms to provide a best fit opportunity for each unique artist. From the fine arts to the hobbyist and makers, our hope is that walking in our doors we are able to capture the diverse, and wildly talented Wichita art scene in a snapshot. As we seek to expand our reach, attract new artists, and best support our art community, we wanted to take this opportunity to share both ongoing and NEW opportunities you as an artist can take advantage of to put your work in front of an ever growing audience of raving fans and buyers of local art.

The Workroom's

Artist & Maker Opportunities

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Pop-up Shop

This is a great opportunity to showcase artists and makers at The Workroom. Join us for a 2nd Saturday or Cleveland Corner event to have a pop-up shop and opportunity to share and highlight your work. 


In-Store Consignment

We sell unique home decor and gifts, featuring over 100+ local artist work in store. Operating on a 60/40 split (YOU keep 60% of sales!) and we provide the overhead, built in traffic and customer service.

*Non profit and show rate is 80/20

One of my greatest sources of pride through it all is the leadership role I have found myself in. It is far from uncommon to find an aspiring entrepreneur holding a seat at our counter and sharing their dreams. Those eager to begin, ones facing the early challenges of a new business, and those considering major changes or challenges often look to me for advice and support. I think a key to my success has been an openness to see others succeed and show support to them which has in turn provided me with support ten-fold.

- Janelle King, Art Advocate, Community Activists, Interior Designer & Entrepreneur

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